The Difference between Flat and Rotary Screen Printing Processing

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The Difference between Flat and Rotary Screen Printing Processing

Flat screen printing processing, the printing mold is a polyester or nylon mesh (flower plate) fixed on a square frame and having a hollow pattern. The pattern on the flower plate can pass through the color paste, and the pattern without the pattern closes the mesh with a polymer film layer.

During the printing process, the stencil presses the fabric, and the stencil is colored with a squeegee, and the squeegee is used to reciprocate the squeegee to make the color paste pass through the pattern to reach the surface of the fabric. The flat screen printing processing has low production efficiency, but has wide adaptability and flexible application, and is suitable for small batch and multi-variety production.

The rotary screen printing processing, the printing mold is a cylindrical nickel-skin screen with a hollow pattern, which is installed in a certain order above the rubber belt of the circulating operation, and can rotate synchronously with the conduction belt.

During the printing process, the color paste is input into the net and stored at the bottom of the net. When the round net rotates with the guide belt, the scraper and the flower net which are pressed against the bottom of the net are relatively scraped, and the color paste reaches the surface of the fabric through the net pattern.

The mattress ticking processing belongs to continuous processing, has high production efficiency, and has the advantages of roller and flat screen printing, but there are certain limitations in the fineness of the pattern and the richness of the printing color. Note that the choice of rotary screen printing in color and color has certain limitations.

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